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The Cover and the Contents of Issue No.1, Volume 5, 2023
  Journal of Nonlinear Modeling and Analysis
  2023,5(1) [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.15 M)]
Dynamical Property Analysis of a Delayed Diffusive Predator-prey Model with Fear Effect
  Xiao Zhao, Ruizhi Yang
  2023,5(1):1-23 [Abstract]  [View PDF(675.02 K)]
Dynamics of a Deterministic and Stochastic Susceptible-exposed-infectious-recovered Epidemic Model
  Xinghao Wang, Liang Zhang, Jiajun Guo
  2023,5(1):24-53 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.09 M)]
An Accelerated Algorithm Involving Quasi-$\phi$-Nonexpansive Operators for Solving Split Problems
  Bashir Ali, Aisha Aminu Adam, Abubakar Adamu
  2023,5(1):54-72 [Abstract]  [View PDF(835.57 K)]
Dynamics of a Stochastic SIR Epidemic Model with Logistic Growth
  Yubo Liu, Jianli Li, Daipeng Kuang
  2023,5(1):73-94 [Abstract]  [View PDF(691.89 K)]
Stability and Bifurcation Analysis in a Nonlocal Diffusive Predator-prey Model with Hunting Cooperation
  Chaozhi Zhu, Yahong Peng
  2023,5(1):95-107 [Abstract]  [View PDF(346.38 K)]
Regularity Criteria to the Axially Symmetric Tropical Climate Model without Swirl
  Xian Chen, Xinru Cheng
  2023,5(1):108-122 [Abstract]  [View PDF(372.06 K)]
Melnikov Functions for a Class of Piecewise Hamiltonian Systems
  Wenwen Hou, Shanshan Liu
  2023,5(1):123-145 [Abstract]  [View PDF(465.46 K)]
The Exact Limits and Improved Decay Estimates for All Order Derivatives of the Global Weak Solutions to a Two-Dimensional Incompressible Dissipative Quasi-Geostrophic Equation
  Linghai Zhang
  2023,5(1):146-202 [Abstract]  [View PDF(544.40 K)]