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Submission Confirmation and Single-blind Peer Review

After receiving a manuscript, “Submission Confirmation” will be sent to the corresponding author by Editorial Office via e-mail ( . Editors will invite active experts in the corresponding area for peer review via JNMA system. 


Single-blind Peer Review Process

Upon receiving “Review Invitation”, the reviewer needs to review the submitted manuscript assigned by the editor in time. The reviewer is expected to follow the step below:

1. Upon receiving “Review Invitation” choose the link (To accept this invitation) and click “Accept”;

2. Click “Login”, choose “Referee Login”;

3. Input your e-mail address and password, click Submit”;

4. Choose “Agree to review, and click Pending manuscripts”;

5. Choose Submit recommendation, fill out Comments for authors and Comments for editor”, and upload a PDF or word document when necessary;

6. Choose Accept, Minor revision, Major revision or Reject, and click “Submit” after reviewing.


Notification and Decision after Single-blind Peer Review

After receiving the reviewers’ reports, the decision of acceptance, further review after revision or rejection of a manuscript will be made by the editors based on the reviewers’ recommendation. Then, the Editorial Office will inform the corresponding author of the decision via JNMA system and e-mail ( When a manuscript needs revision, its corresponding author is requested to provide a Response Letter answering all questions listed in the review reports point by point, together with the revised version. The new revision may be further reviewed according to the reviewers’ comments and suggestions. The final decision will be delivered via JNMA system and e-mail (


Publication after Acceptance

Once a manuscript is accepted, the zip file of Tex, figures and the hand-signed copyright transfer statement should be sent to the Editorial Board by e-mail ( All proofs must meet the requirement of JNMA template. After the final confirmation of the submitted manuscript, the final revised manuscript will be published online.

The following is the flow chart illustrating JNMA publication process: