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Exploring the Planar Circular RestrictedThree-body Problem with Prolate Primaries
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KeyWord:Restricted three-body problem; Oblateness parameter; Basins of convergence
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Euaggelos E. Zotos Department of Physics, School of Science, Aristotle University of Thessa- loniki, GR-541 24, Thessaloniki, Greece 
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      We numerically investigate the convergence properties of the circu- lar restricted three-body problem with prolate primaries, by using the Newton- Raphson iterative scheme. In particular, we examine how the oblateness co- efficient A influences several aspects of the method, such as its speed and efficiency. Color-coded diagrams are used for revealing the basins of conver- gence on the configuration space. Additionally, we compute the degree of fractality of the convergence basins on the physical plane, as a function of the oblateness coefficient, by using different computational tools, such as the uncertainty dimension and the (boundary) basin entropy.