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The Cover and the Contents of Issue No.2, Volume 4, 2022
  Journal of Nonlinear Modeling and Analysis
  2022,4(2) [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.15 M)]
The Monotonicity of the Linear Complementarity Problem
  Ximing Fang, Minhai Huang
  2022,4(2):161-170 [Abstract]  [View PDF(328.56 K)]
Autonomous Planar Systems of Riccati Type
  Gary R. Nicklason
  2022,4(2):171-197 [Abstract]  [View PDF(453.61 K)]
Existence of Viscosity Solutions to a System of Hyperbolic Balance Laws
  Qingning Zhang, Min Cheng
  2022,4(2):198-206 [Abstract]  [View PDF(330.27 K)]
Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions and Lyapunov-type Inequality for a Mixed Fractional Boundary Value Problem
  Yani Liu, Qiaoluan Li
  2022,4(2):207-219 [Abstract]  [View PDF(333.75 K)]
Some Properties of Solutions to the Novikov Equation with Weak Dissipation Terms
  Shengrui Lin, Yiting Cai, Jiaxi Luo, Ziyu Xuan, Yicong Zhao
  2022,4(2):220-244 [Abstract]  [View PDF(414.66 K)]
A Family of Variable Step-size Meshes Fourth-order Compact Numerical Scheme for (2+1)-dimensions Burger's-Huxley, Burger's-Fisher and Convection-diffusion Equations
  Navnit Jha, Madhav Wagley
  2022,4(2):245-276 [Abstract]  [View PDF(552.90 K)]
Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of a Class of Abstract Delay Differential Equation
  Fengyuan Zhong, Zicheng Xu, Bin Ge
  2022,4(2):277-290 [Abstract]  [View PDF(344.10 K)]
A Retrospective Study on Applications of the Lindley Distribution
  Lishamol Tomy, Christophe Chesneau, Meenu Jose
  2022,4(2):291-309 [Abstract]  [View PDF(431.15 K)]
Analysis of the Dynamics of a Predator-prey Model with Holling Functional Response
  Hongyu Chen, Chunrui Zhang
  2022,4(2):310-324 [Abstract]  [View PDF(899.29 K)]
On an Infection-age Structured Epidemic Model with Multiscale
  Yongle Fu, Yunfei Lv, Yongzhen Pei
  2022,4(2):325-351 [Abstract]  [View PDF(953.40 K)]
The Number of Limit Cycles in a Class of Piecewise Polynomial Systems
  Shanshan Liu, Xuyi Jin, Yujie Xiong
  2022,4(2):352-370 [Abstract]  [View PDF(470.20 K)]
Noise-induced Transitions for an SIV Epidemic Model with Medical-resource Constraints
  Ran Yu, Anji Yang, Sanling Yuan
  2022,4(2):371-391 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.75 M)]
Spatial Dynamics of a Diffusive Prey-predator Model with Stage Structure and Fear Effect
  Nana Zhu, Sanling Yuan
  2022,4(2):392-408 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.53 M)]