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The Cover and the Contents of Issue No.4, Volume 3, 2021
  Journal of Nonlinear Modeling and Analysis
  2021,3(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(273.65 K)]
Oscillation of 2nd-order Nonlinear Noncanonical Difference Equations with Deviating Argument
  George E. Chatzarakis, Said R. Grace
  2021,3(4):495-504 [Abstract]  [View PDF(318.98 K)]
An Analogue-difference Method and Application to Induction Motor Models
  Xilan Liu, Jinrong Mu, Wenxia Wang
  2021,3(4):505-521 [Abstract]  [View PDF(443.42 K)]
Analysis of a Kind of Stochastic Dynamics Model with Nonlinear Function
  Zhimin Li, Tailei Zhang
  2021,3(4):523-546 [Abstract]  [View PDF(541.70 K)]
Regional Prediction of COVID-19 in the United States Based on the Difference Equation Model
  Ceyu Lei, Xiaoling Han
  2021,3(4):547-559 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.59 M)]
Dynamical Analysis of a Delayed SIQS Epidemic Model on Scale-free Networks
  Rundong Zhao, Qiming Liu
  2021,3(4):561-576 [Abstract]  [View PDF(448.26 K)]
Regularity Criteria of the Solutions to Axisymmetric Magnetohydrodynamic System
  Xuemeng Liu
  2021,3(4):577-601 [Abstract]  [View PDF(390.18 K)]
Existence and Multiplicity of Positive Solutions for a Singular Nonlinear High Order Fractional Differential Problem with Multi-point Boundary Conditions
  Di Wang, Jiqiang Jiang
  2021,3(4):603-616 [Abstract]  [View PDF(353.30 K)]
Nonlocal Interaction Induces the Self-organized Mussel Beds
  Guiquan Sun, Shumin Liu, Li Li, Jing Li, Zhen Jin
  2021,3(4):617-646 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.34 M)]
Solvability and Stability for Singular Fractional (p,q)-difference Equation
  Zhongyun Qin, Shurong Sun
  2021,3(4):647-661 [Abstract]  [View PDF(414.61 K)]
Investigating the Turing Conditions for Diffusion-driven Instability in Predator-prey System with Hunting Cooperation Functional Response
  Shuo Xu, Mingzhu Qu, Chunrui Zhang
  2021,3(4):663-676 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.20 M)]