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The Cover and the Contents of Issue No.2, Volume 3, 2021
  Journal of Nonlinear Modeling and Analysis
  2021,3(2) [Abstract]  [View PDF(270.25 K)]
Effect of Second Order Chemical Reaction on MHD Free Convective Radiating Flow over an Impulsively Started Vertical Plate
  Bharat Keshari Swain
  2021,3(2):167-178 [Abstract]  [View PDF(362.25 K)]
The Hopf Bifurcations in the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
  Bo Sang
  2021,3(2):179-191 [Abstract]  [View PDF(363.07 K)]
Bifurcations and New Traveling Wave Solutions for the Nonlinear Dispersion Drinfel'd-Sokolov ($D(m,n)$) System
  Ronghua Cheng, Zhaofu Luo, Xiaochun Hong
  2021,3(2):193-207 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.13 M)]
Modelling the $Wolbachia$ Strains for Dengue Fever Virus Control in the Presence of Seasonal Fluctuation
  Yanan Xue, Lin Hu, Linfei Nie
  2021,3(2):209-224 [Abstract]  [View PDF(756.00 K)]
On a Comparative Study on Some Trigonometric Classes of Distributions by the Analysis of Practical Data Sets
  Christophe Chesneau, Amaury Artault
  2021,3(2):225-262 [Abstract]  [View PDF(632.03 K)]
Mixed Boundary Value Problems for a Class of Fractional Differential Equations with Impulses
  Jin You, Shurong Sun
  2021,3(2):263-273 [Abstract]  [View PDF(305.65 K)]
A Note on the Bendixson-Dulac Theorem for Refracted Systems with Multiple Zones
  Shimin Li, Hebai Chen, Ting Chen, Kuilin Wu
  2021,3(2):275-281 [Abstract]  [View PDF(334.06 K)]
Iterating a System of Variational-like Inclusion Problems in Banach Spaces
  Sumeera Shafi, Lakshmi Narayan Mishra
  2021,3(2):283-300 [Abstract]  [View PDF(337.57 K)]
Modeling the Transmission of West Nile Virus with {\it Wolbachia} in a Heterogeneous Environment
  Mengli Liu, Min Zhu, Xiaofei Song
  2021,3(2):301-319 [Abstract]  [View PDF(582.65 K)]
Stability Analysis of a Diffusive Predator-prey Model with Hunting Cooperation
  Shuhao Wu, Yongli Song
  2021,3(2):321-334 [Abstract]  [View PDF(634.82 K)]